What We Do

GEELs, Global Economies and Everyday Lives, is a creative and critical community of scholars at Queen’s University interested in issues related to social reproduction, racial capitalism, cities, diaspora, and social transformation in spaces of the Global South. Moving beyond the geographical North/South divide, we take the perspective that the global north and south are produced through ongoing colonial relations of power that operate throughout the globe. These relations of power include colonial divisions of humanity, the production of socio-economic inequalities through colonial-capitalist development, and the marginalization of knowledge cultures in order to dispossess.  
We specifically consider how communities made precarious through (neo)colonial, racialized and (neo)liberal capitalist processes negotiate and re-make social reproductive practices. Our respective work centres diasporic caring relationships; creative cultural productions and popular culture; community-centred food and infant-feeding practices; youth employment and precarity; political ecological disaster and renewable energy; and new forms of work and labour. Our research takes us across Canada, Chile, Cuba, Bahamas, Brazil, Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey. At the heart of our interrelated projects sits a shared concern: to advance a feminist political economy embedded in decolonial and anti-racist feminist praxis.

Check out our profiles for our individual research projects. You can also find out more about what we’re up to by looking at our events page and blog.